Ziva David’s Final Episode on NCIS!

In a bittersweet final episode, “NCIS” bids farewell to Ziva David, bringing Cote de Pablo’s character arc to a conclusion.

The long-running CBS cr1me drama, currently in its 19th season, has had its fair share of cast changes, including the retirement of lead character Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) earlier this season.

Ziva David, portrayed by de Pablo, was a key member of the NCIS team, known for her tough demeanor and expertise as an ex-Mossad agent. Her character’s journey took unexpected turns, including a presumed death in Season 13.

Cote De Pablo made her own decision to leave the show, despite receiving hefty incentives from CBS to stay. However, she returned for Season 17, giving both herself and her character closure.

“NCIS” continues its successful run, cementing its status as a spin-off that has surpassed its parent show, “JAG,” and spawned multiple spin-offs.

Both the character and the actor were moved by Ziva David’s final appearance on NCIS.

Ziva David’s final appearance on NCIS left fans and cast members alike moved. In Season 17, Episode 11, “Into the Wind,” she makes a heartfelt decision, forgoing a trip to Paris to reunite with DiNozzo and their daughter to help Gibbs locate a kidnapped boy.

In a rare display of emotion, Ziva confides in Gibbs about her fears about regaining normalcy. Ziva fears her capacity to return to who she once was, and actress Cote de Pablo’s unvarnished portrayal struck a profound chord.

The on-screen chemistry between de Pablo and Mark Harmon (Gibbs) is palpable, especially in their final scene together. Ziva’s subtle wink as the elevator doors close hints at a possible return, leaving fans hopeful.

Whether or not Ziva returns, both the character and the actress have had gratifying endings to their time on NCIS, adding a touching note to the show’s heritage.

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