Will Tony DiNozzo Return ‘Full Time’ To NCIS?


Fans of NCIS have been excitedly anticipating the return of Tony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly, to the popular series. DiNozzo quit the squad after realizing he had a daughter with former member Ziva David, and he has made few appearances on the show since. However, Weatherly just appeared in a Ducky tribute episode, implying a possible return.

While Weatherly’s return has been confirmed as a one-off appearance for now, there’s hope for a full-time reunion. The actor himself has expressed interest, citing unfinished storylines for DiNozzo and his newfound availability with the conclusion of his CBS series, Bull.

The show’s careful approach to reintroducing previous characters, as seen in the Ducky tribute episode, suggests that if DiNozzo does return, it will be for a significant narrative reason. With DiNozzo reuniting with former colleagues such as Palmer and McGee, the stage appears to be prepared for his comeback.

For long-time viewers, DiNozzo’s return would be a welcome treat, especially now that Ducky has departed, leaving him as the last original character to exit the series. With speculation buzzing, fans can only hope that Tony DiNozzo’s return to NCIS is not just a possibility but a soon-to-be reality.

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