Will Gibbs and DiNozzo Make An Appearance in Ducky’s NCIS Tribute Episode?

Gibbs and DiNozzo were original NCIS characters, just like Ducky.

There were rumors that Mark Harmon and Michael Weatherly will return for the historic NCIS season 20. That did not work out, as the year was primarily spent bolstering the present agent roster.

However, Ducky’s tribute episode provides an excellent opportunity to reintroduce both Gibbs and DiNozzo. Granted, it may have been better, but it would be far more depressing if neither showed up to say goodbye to their cherished colleague and friend.

For reference, there has been no official confirmation that Gibbs and/or DiNozzo would participate in the NCIS season 21 Ducky memorial episode.

That being said, it’s intriguing that both are heavily featured in the marketing video. The flashback scene appears to include Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David, although it does not show her.

There is also no scene including other former NCIS characters, such as Caitlin Todd, Abby Sciuto, or Eleanor Bishop. The clip may really be hinting to Harmon and Weatherly returning for Ducky’s farewell.

Given the circumstances, Gibbs and DiNozzo’s prospective NCIS season 21 appearance cannot be solely focused on their long-awaited reunion.

The show may wish to save that for a later date, especially since Weatherly stated a desire to reprise his role in the procedural. Gibbs’ appearance in this episode, however, is more significant due of his bond with Ducky.

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