Will Estes’s Intense Preparation for His Blue Bloods Role

Will Estes has played Sgt. Jamie Reagan, the Harvard-educated youngest son of NYC Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, on Blue Bloods since 2010.

Jamie was promoted to sergeant in season 9 after working as a beat cop at the 12th Precinct with a law degree.

To convincingly play a New York City cop on Blue Bloods, Will Estes prepared extensively, receiving a comprehensive packet on the NYPD from the show’s technical advisor, Jim Nuciforo, before portraying Sgt. Jamie Reagan.

Jim Nuciforo, a former NYPD officer of nearly 24 years, serves as Blue Bloods’ technical consultant.

His role involves ensuring authenticity in law enforcement details, such as advising on practical aspects like leaving jackets unbuttoned for quick access to weapons, to make the show feel as realistic as possible.

And, according to AMNY, he’s taken every cast member save Tom Selleck to a shooting range to teach them how to use a firearm properly. He ensures that they receive the same firearms training that he had at the police school in 1982.

Selleck didn’t go because he’s a Magnum P.I. and already knows his way around a handgun, but Will Estes most likely did.

Transitioning from a Marine to a police officer

Will Estes mentioned to that his earlier role as a Marine, particularly in the ABC drama American Dreams as JJ Pryor, equipped him for portraying a cop on Blue Bloods.

He noted that the action-oriented experience seamlessly transferred between the two roles.

“Estes is right; the New York police force requires either 60 college credits or military service for eligibility, a key reason many officers are veterans.”

“Estes expressed interest in a ride-along to understand real police work, though it’s unconfirmed if he ever did one. Vanessa Ray and Marisa Ramirez, who play NYPD characters, did ride-alongs, suggesting Estes might have joined them.”

Blue Bloods is in its 11th season and airs Friday evenings at 10/9c on CBS. Previous seasons can be seen on Hulu and CBS All Access.

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