Why NCIS Season 21 is the Ideal Time To Have An Original Cast Reunion

NCIS season 21 is a more appropriate period for a reunion than season 20.

Despite hopes that at least some of the departed original cast members would return for NCIS’ 20th season, no legacy character emerged. It’s unclear whether any efforts were made to recruit any of them, but given the circumstances, it felt like the ideal time to hold a reunion.

That being said, NCIS season 21 may be a better time for an original cast reunion because it offers two options. First and foremost, considering their long-standing friendship, NCIS’ Ducky tribute should include Gibbs.

Second, the NCIS universe will celebrate its 1000th episode, so it’s only fitting that the franchise’s creators are involved in its storyline.

It’s unclear what CBS has planned for this amazing distinction, but having McGee and his team recruit some of the team’s original members for a case would be a fantastic way to celebrate the past while also preparing the franchise for the future.

Whatever the case may be, having these alternatives makes it tough to rationalize not reuniting the original cast in the following year.


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  1. A lot of people say that NCIS isn’t the same… well, it’s not supposed to be. Otherwise it will be a boring show. I like the new cast. McGee is doing a great job being the veteran of the group. I like that Parker isn’t like Gibbs. Yes, Abby was my favorite character, but I think Kasie does a great job being funny and lovable. I like the new team, but it’s always a treat when the former cast members do a guest appearance, like when Ziva came for a few episodes in Season 17.

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