Why Many Believe That Gibbs Will Return to NCIS Along with Dinozzo: The Clues of Michael Weatherly

Some fans are convinced that Gibbs will return to NCIS, perhaps along with Dinozzo, because of the intense activity on Twitter of former interpreter of the series Michael Weatherly…

Gibbs is going back to NCIS with Dinozzo? For now it’s little more than a suggestion, but there are many fans historians who hope that there is something grounded in the clues that the actor Michael Weatherly seems intent on disseminating on social media.

Whether Gibbs will return to NCIS this season or for a possible final of the series is all to be seen, but hopes become more concrete after the protagonist of Bull, former interpreter of Tony Dinozzo in NCIS, has posted some tweets in which he alludes in various ways to the historical procedural of CBS.

The hope is that Gibbs will return to NCIS along with Dinozzo, a hypothesis that begins to circulate on the net because of the activity of Weatherly on Twitter. On December 6, the actor released a playful clip in which he interrogates a Christmas tree and in support of the video wrote: “It’s time for some Christmas trick questions #ncis”. When the camera turned to him, Weatherly showed up wearing an NCIS logo hat. In a post immediately before, he also mentioned the character of Gibbs, claiming to have dreamed of it and thus teasing the curiosity of historical fans: “This guy woke me up this morning. Then I realized it was still a dream. He wouldn’t stop talking about Gibbs and his shoulder holster”. Again, last in order of time, in another tweet the former Dinozzo posted a video in which he watched a replica of NCIS and greeted fellow Sean Murray.

If really Gibbs will return to NCIS the right opportunity could be the end of the season and maybe that of the entire series, given the doubts on the need to continue without the historic protagonist. If he was also added to Dinozzo, with the first appearance of Weatherly after his farewell to the cast in season 13, It could really be the swan song for this format that continues to be a notable audience success for its longevity, but it has now lost almost all its original faces and certainly has exhausted its propulsive thrust in terms of storytelling plots and arcs.

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