Why Jamie and Eddie Are More Likely to Divorce Than Have Children on ‘Blue Bloods’

Where can “Blue Bloods” characters Jamie and Eddie’s storylines go now that they’ve married?

Blue Bloods has always focused on two themes: law enforcement and family. The plot revolves around the Reagan family, which is led by patriarch and New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). The show also follows the personal lives of each member of the Reagan clan as they develop. In recent years, the spotlight on Blue Bloods has shifted to Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray).

Jamie and Eddie’s relationship may be in jeopardy.

Jamie and Eddie, initially police partners, saw their relationship progress beyond the professional realm in Blue Bloods.

While an unspoken connection existed in the early seasons, they refrained from pursuing romance. It wasn’t until Season 8 that the couple acknowledged their romantic feelings, leading to their engagement.

Jamie and Eddie, who chose to stay as cops, married at the end of Season 9 and moved into a new apartment in Season 10. However, the couple faced a work separation in Season 13. Fans who wished for Jamie and Eddie to be together are now anticipating another major turning point.

What does the future of ‘Blue Bloods’ have in store for Jamie and Eddie?

Married couples often feel the desire to start a family, and the same is true for TV shows like Blue Bloods. Given the focus on the expanding Reagan family, the idea of Jamie and Eddie having a baby seems logical.

However, the show’s storytellers are reluctant due to practical considerations. Showrunner Kevin Wade explained to that making a police officer pregnant would necessitate a desk job, limiting storytelling possibilities for Vanessa and Will.

‘Blue Bloods’ may be entering its final season.

Jamie and Eddie are no longer police partners as of season 13, with Jamie promoted to field information officer. This change could cause friction between him and Eddie, though it’s unclear how this new professional dynamic will affect their marriage. However, this plot point could be the writers’ way of avoiding the pregnancy route.

While Jamie and Eddie might not be parents soon, there’s potential for it in the future. Blue Bloods Season 14 is not confirmed, but with discussions of continuing until Season 15, there’s still time for Jamie and Eddie to explore parenthood.

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