Why Fans of Blue Bloods Are So Divided About Eddie Janko-Reagan..?


Watching the slow-burning dynamic of would-be couples on TV is nothing new, from Ross and Rachel to Luke and Lorelai to Derek and Meredith.

The device is familiar, whether it is evident that they will get together or whether the writers tease and tease before shattering the viewers’ hearts by throwing a wrench in the works.

For “Blue Bloods,” the couple we’ve been watching for years is made up of coworkers Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray), who ultimately settled their feud by marrying in Season 9.

While it put an end to the will-they-get-together gold that the authors appeared to rely on, it also provided them with a fresh treasure trove of husband vs. coworker conflicts.

However, not all fans are happy with the relationship, as Redditor u/RadioGurlKay made a blistering rant about Eddie’s behavior in a thread on r/bluebloods.

“I think the writers should really review the way this character behaves,” the Redditor says in the post. It’s terrible that she is a never-ending contradiction to herself.”

“She whines about Jamie not having her back, then turns around and berates him for coming to her aid,” they continue in their article.

Jamie continually puts her in her place one minute and then apologizes for ‘wronging’ her the next.”

It’s a daring interpretation of the character, but do other fans agree? Is this the relationship fans have always desired? Here’s why “Blue Bloods” viewers are divided over Eddie and her connection with Jamie.

Some fans believe Eddie bullies Jamie.

Jamie and Eddie’s relationship is characterized by a tough dynamic. While they are a married couple who must consider each other when making a variety of decisions, Jamie is also Eddie’s superior officer and is required by his position to make decisions objectively.

But does Eddie exploit her husband and influence his decision-making process in her favor?

Redditor u/calisto_fox appears to agree. “Yea, Eddie is one of the worst characters,” they responded to u/RadioGurlKay’s post. I wish she was given less screen time. Joe Hill also gets greater screen time.” “This is exactly how I feel,” u/Corgitechy commented.

I’m not a fan of her character. It’s as if anything triggers her, and then she starts bullying Jamie.” “Even when Jamie is just doing his job and doing the right thing,” they said, “she often asks him to do things in a different way because it will affect how the other cops in the precinct like her.”


Regardless of Eddie’s motivations for some of her behavior toward her husband and supervisor, many followers regard her as a bully. This thread, however, is full of Jamko enthusiasts who aren’t willing to watch while people ridicule their favorite cop duo.

Others, though, believe they have a healthy relationship.

Many supporters have chosen to support Jamko. These supporters appear to recognize that the intrinsic dynamic of their job and personal lives generates situations in which they must both develop and learn.

Jamie, of course, will overcompensate with Eddie to prevent the appearance of partiality, just as his father did on the job with him and his brother. Eddie will surely merge her personal and professional lives and express her views to her spouse.

“She is in a very difficult situation,” says u/mrootbeers. She is a beat cop who has to work with other beat cops while her (self-proclaimed) tough-as-nails spouse imposes restrictions that take time to earn her colleagues’ respect.

She is the one who has to listen to their complaints and become irritated. Nonetheless, she is always on Jamie’s side. When other cops complain about him, she’s always there to defend him.” The Redditor then adds a statement that nicely sums up their feelings: “They are a very healthy, loving couple with a very good power balance.”

However, there is more to consider when assessing behavior. According to Redditor u/DroolingSlothCarpet, “a shallow dive into the history of women in American law enforcement will teach you that from the beginning, women have had to prove themselves more than their male peers.” They went on to say that because Eddie is just human, it’s natural for this to flow over into her personal life.

Whether you agree or disagree with the original Redditor’s remarks, Eddie and Jamie fought for the ability to collaborate and support one another.

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  1. I love Eddie and Jamie together. They have so many ways they can cast her. With Jamie and Eddie they have a good long run of. Ways that they can take the two of them. Here’s hoping that the writers take the Eddie and Jeannie characters and realize that they do have something good with them. I’ve been watching bluebloods since it started, and it’s good, the show is very good.

  2. We love watching Blue Bloods, one of the best shows on the tube. Re Jamie and Eddie, they are great together, and however they relate to each other on the show, they are at the mercy of the writers, producers, and directors. Please don’t blame the actors for their story lines!!

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