Why Did Lauren Holly Depart From ‘NCIS’? What We Know About Her

Jenny Shepard, the director, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and ultimately d1ed in a firefight. What was Lauren Holly’s genuine motive for leaving NCIS?

It’s not uncommon for long-running television shows like NCIS to have cast members leave after a few seasons. After all, you never know when your character will be k1lled off or when another project will come calling.

Of course, the characters from our favorite police procedural who no longer appear on the program will always hold a particular place in our hearts.

Jenny Shepard, played by Lauren Holly, is one such figure. Shepard served as the NCIS Director from September 2005 to May 2008, when she was k1lled in the field, much to the astonishment of many NCIS fans. Lauren (obviously) departed the show following Shepard’s d3ath, but why? Here’s what we know so far.

What caused Lauren Holly to leave ‘NCIS’?

Lauren, however, did not intend to stay on NCIS for very long. She was originally being considered for a six-episode guest-starring storyline.

In fact, she was ecstatic about having a minor role. “I was relieved to be a minor character because it meant I could spend more time with [my family],” she stated on her website.

Lauren was requested back for another season, indicating that Jenny Shepard struck a connection with NCIS fans. When she first started working on NCIS, she was living in Chicago and traveling to LA, but returning for another season meant uprooting the entire family and relocating to the West Coast.

Lauren confessed that after a few years as Jenny Shepard, she was becoming bored with her role as Director. That ennui came at a convenient time, because her character was k1lled off — “and boy did they,” Lauren wrote. Shepard had been diagnosed with a fatal disease earlier in the season and was slain in a firefight at an abandoned cafe.

What did Lauren Holly do after her departure from ‘NCIS’?

Lauren has had a number of significant roles since leaving NCIS in 2008. In another procedural called Motive, she played Dr. Betty Rogers, the lead medical examiner. She also appeared as Lynn Harper on Designated Survivor.

In the upcoming series Tiny Pretty Things, she recently played Monique, the director of The Archer School. (We already know she’s fantastic as directors, so we’re excited to see her in this!)

Overall, Lauren’s tenure on NCIS appears to have been a success for everyone involved. Lauren landed a lead role in a popular television show and was able to gracefully exit when she felt her character had run its course. Sure, it meant her persona was riddled with bullets, but based on Lauren’s continuous popularity, she came out uninjured.

Although Director Jenny Shepard will always have a special place in our hearts, it’s fantastic to know that Lauren is still actively involved in the industry and bringing that Jenny Shepard heat to every new project.

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