Why are there now two Callens on NCIS: Los Angeles..?


NCIS: Los Angeles took an unusual turn at the end of the most recent episode, which may have perplexed some viewers.

Callen (played by Chris O’Donnell) had already had an unusual day when he received a call from his bank informing him that his loan application had been denied.

Callen later received a text from his doctor, who confirmed that he had spoken with him recently, despite the fact that Callen had no recollection of the conversation. These were strong indicators to viewers who were paying close attention that steps had been taken to steal Callen’s identity.

Then, near the end of the episode, Anna walked into Callen’s spot above the bar while speaking on video chat. She was surprised to see Callen, and when he asked who she was talking to, she showed him a phone call with someone who looked like a younger version of him on it. That individual then chastised Callen and warned him to be prepared for some games.

Why is there now a second Callen on NCIS: Los Angeles?

Deep fake technology that could mimic a subject’s mannerisms and voice patterns was stolen during a case that the NCIS team worked on last season. It had advanced to the point where cr1m1nals were able to hack into the NCIS communications system and nearly k1ll several team members. Sam Hanna was nearly blown up as a result of this.

It was hinted at the end of that episode that a digital representation of Callen had been created and was in the hands of cr1m1nals. That storyline is now being revisited. It appears that whoever is behind it now has the ability to pose as Callen online. They can impersonate him using video and audio capabilities. It paves the way for some really intriguing content.

All the Little Things cast from NCIS: Los Angeles

There were a lot of familiar faces on the NCIS: Los Angeles cast for All the Little Things. The episode was jam-packed with cameos, including Bar Paly reprising her role as Anna Kolcheck. It went really well with the Callen plots.

Pete Cambor reprised his role as Nate Getz in the new episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. His scenes with Admiral Kilbride (Gerald McRaney) were particularly effective.

Jolena Kay played NCIS Special Agent Afloat Denise Morgan, Oleysa Rulin played Zasha Gagarin, and Jeff Kober played Harris Keane on All the Little Things.

We didn’t get to see Linda Hunt reprise her role as Henrietta Lange, but she was certainly a topic of discussion for the majority of the evening.

NCIS: LA will have new episodes on March 20 and March 27, so make sure to tune in every Sunday night because there are some good ones on the way.

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