Why A Short Cameo is Best For Gibbs’ Return to NCIS Season 21

When word spread of Gibbs’ impending return to NCIS, fans were understandably hungry for additional information.

However, the manner of his comeback may have disappointed some.

A brief presence may appear to be a squandered opportunity, especially given the possibility of a more intricate storyline, maybe reuniting Gibbs with old colleagues such as Tony DiNozzo, as implied by Michael Weatherly’s recent comments about a possible return.

Yet, bypassing Ducky’s funeral in NCIS season 21 would be a disservice to one of the franchise’s most cherished friendships.

Gibbs and Ducky’s bond has been a cornerstone of the series, and Gibbs’ absence would be out of character.

However, Gibbs has always been one to act with understated grace, preferring to pay his respects quietly and without fanfare.

For Mark Harmon, a brief cameo would also have practical benefits. Harmon would be able to balance other endeavors and personal responsibilities if the shoot was shorter.

While some may have hoped for a grander return, a brief cameo aligns with Gibbs’ character and the solemnity of the occasion.

It ensures that the focus remains on honoring Ducky’s legacy while still providing a poignant moment for Gibbs to reconnect with his NCIS family.

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