Who Portrayed The Character ‘Chuck Kennedy’ on Blue Bloods?

On “Blue Bloods,” Season 10, Episode 15, “Vested Interests,” Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) runs into an old childhood mentor, Chuck Kennedy, or “Mr. K.” Chuck, the local movie theater owner, once advised a troubled teenage Frank and helped him stay out of trouble. However, Frank runs into him again many years later, when they are both older and Chuck is in a much worse spot in his life.

Chuck refuses to leave his house when it is burgled, resulting in the senior citizen being att4cked. Frank steps in, advising him to leave the house and cope with what has transpired. But Chuck refuses, continually pushing his old friend away. However, Frank and the other Reagan family members eventually find a method that will aid Chuck, repaying him for his assistance to Frank many years before.

Here’s additional information about the seasoned character actor who portrayed Chuck Kennedy on “Blue Bloods.”

Ed Asner is a well-known character actor

Many television fans remember Ed Asner as Lou Grant, the grouchy yet endearing TV news director on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show.” He’d portray the iconic character for seven seasons before earning his own spin-off show, “Lou Grant,” which aired for another five years. However, Asner had a remarkably active film and television career, amassing 418 screen credits and 7 Emmy awards in his lifetime.

Over the years, his feature films have included “JFK,” “El Dorado,” and the part of Santa Claus in “Elf.” He also frequently appeared as a guest star on episodes such as “Grace and Frankie,” “The Good Wife,” “Cobra Kai,” and “Modern Family.”

Asner was also a popular voice actor, his enthusiastic, grumpy performance as Carl Fredericksen in “Up” endeared him to a generation of kids who had never heard of Lou Grant. He continued to perform on stage and in films until his d3ath in 2021 at the age of 91. In one of his most recent interviews with TV Insider, he stated, “I take energy from working.”

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