What will Happen to Tim McGee in NCIS Season 21?

NCIS is currently in limbo as fans wait for Season 21. So, what does the future hold for longtime starter Timothy McGee?

It’s difficult to believe that Timothy McGee wasn’t always a member of the NCIS team. Sean Murray made his debut in Season 1 and quickly rose to prominence in Season 2. Since then, the man who was once Tony’s punchline has grown into an effective team leader.

Murray was promoted to first in the show’s opening credits after Mark Harmon left the series in Season 20. Even though McGee is technically second in command to Aidan Parker, he often takes the initiative.

Season 20 took a few unexpected turns for McGee. Tim had to confront how the other parents perceived him as antisocial and arrogant while assisting a father from his children’s school who had been framed for a cr1me.

When Vance was away, he also took on the role of acting director, and while he did a good job, he thought he was better as a field agent.

During the big NCIS crossover, Tim was also briefly suspected of treason. He is still giving his all on the job and has evolved into the true heart of the team. So, how will this affect Season 21?

What awaits Tim in NCIS Season 21?

Tim’s life appears to remain unchanged in Season 21. He may decide to try to relax a little while still navigating things with his wife and family. Maybe he’ll get back into writing and publish another of his entertaining novels.

The question is how long Murray will want to be a part of the show. While he hasn’t said anything about leaving, nearly 20 years on one series is a long time.

As a result, Tim may want to stretch his career with a promotion and try to be a team leader somewhere else.

For the time being, Tim appears to be staying with NCIS, and Murray is gearing up for a record 21st season on the show, which is great news for fans who adore Tim’s character on the show.

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