What Pauley Perrette Looked Like As A Child

Pauley Perrette has looked the same age for so long that it’s hard to believe she used to look like her “NCIS” character, raven-haired lab rat Abby Sciuto.

She retired from acting in 2020, but Perrette uses Twitter to keep fans up to date on her life. Perrette was able to undergo a drastic hair transformation because she no longer had to wear Abby’s iconic black pigtails and blunt bangs to work, and she proudly displayed her funky, rainbow-colored mane on Twitter. But, as much as she wanted to experiment with her appearance, she never wanted Abby to get a major makeover on the show. “She’s like an anime, she’s like a cartoon character — and when it comes to cartoon characters, you don’t want to see them change very much,” Perrette told Digital Spy in 2015.

Perrette’s own appearance, on the other hand, was constantly evolving before she became an actress. She wore blond hair with green and pink tips as a young punk rocker, and she revealed on “The Queen Latifah Show” that she had “green short hair” and a bald head in two of the “hundreds of music videos” she appeared in before her TV career took off. However, one of her favorite hairstyles as a child was strikingly similar to that of the forensic scientist character she would grow up to play.

As a child, Pauley Perrette had to wear an eye patch.

Pauley Perrette has worn pigtails since she was a child, but the naturally blond actress used to resemble Cindy Brady rather than a miniature Abby Sciuto. According to CBS 42, Perette was born in New Orleans but spent much of her childhood in Alabama. While she appears to be a happy child in a cheerleading outfit in one Twitter photo, she revealed that growing up in the Deep South wasn’t always easy. “When I was a skinny little blonde kid, I marched against the KKK. It was terrifying “In 2020, she tweeted.

Bullying was another issue Perrette had to deal with as a child. In 2010, she tweeted, “I got harassed for Too Skinny Eye Patch Weirdo but never harmed anyone.” She also mentioned her eye patch in response to a tweet by fellow actress Demi Moore, who revealed that as a child she had to wear one to correct “a lazy eye.” Perrette stated, “I, too, wore an eye patch! It’s not fun! God bless you, sister!”

Perrette refused to be bitter or resentful because of the cruelty of other children. Instead, she evolved into a loving, caring individual who is deeply committed to helping others. “I developed a lot of my beliefs about inclusion, justice, civil rights, and unconditional love for people because I came from an environment that was the polar opposite of that,” she told Watch in 2013.

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  1. Pauley has not changed in her looks over the years. She is a lovely and caring person and having her as a friend is wonderful. God bless you Pauley.

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