What is Known About Hetty, and Will She Return For the NCIS: Los Angeles Finale?


NCIS: Los Angeles will end after season 14 on CBS. Fans are wondering if we’ll see Hetty Lange again before the show ends. Linda Hunt hasn’t been seen in a while, so it’d be awesome if she showed up for the finale.

NCIS: Los Angeles is a popular television show. It’s been on CBS since 2009, and it’s about these special agents solving cr1mes in Los Angeles. It’s one of the best NCIS spin-offs, but it’s coming to an end on May 21. The network has been planning it for quite some time.

So, NCIS: Los Angeles is coming to an end on Sunday night, and we’re about to say farewell to some of our favorite characters. The big finale will feature Special Agent G. Callen marrying Anna Colcheck (Bar Paly), but no one knows if Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) will be there.

Remember that Hetty Lange left the NCIS: Los Angeles team on a top-secret mission to Syria and hasn’t been seen since. It’s a shame for the show because she brought a lot of excitement to the cop-action-packed plot. Everyone assumed she d1ed at first, but the bones discovered at the scene belonged to a child.

Fans of NCIS: Los Angeles are excited for Hetty Lange’s return, but it’s not a done deal. We all know Linda Hunt’s character is fantastic, and G. Callen has some issues from her past to work out.


According to a new TV Insider report, Hetty Lange will not attend G. Callen and Anna Colcheck’s wedding on the final episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. It’s possible that we won’t get the resolution we were hoping for. But who knows, maybe the writers have something in the works to compensate.

So, aside from Hetty Lange’s story, there may be some unfinished business in the NCIS: Los Angeles finale. You realize how important she is, don’t you? She has been assisting G. Callen since he was a child. Fans will have to wait and see what the show’s writers come up with.

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