What Fans Have to Say About Blue Bloods’ Cancellation

Blue Bloods fans are in turmoil after CBS confirmed that Season 14 will be the series’ final season. Many people are saddened; others are perplexed; and still others are rejoicing. Here’s what they have to say.

The Blue Bloods Facebook page officially stated a few hours ago that Season 14 will be released in two parts (February and Fall 2024) and will be the series’ end. Fans who expected Blue Bloods to run at least until Season 15 were shocked by the announcement, and their reactions ranged from grief to cheering.

Here’s what Blue Bloods fans are saying on Facebook and Reddit about the cancellation.

How Did Blue Bloods Fans React to the Finale Announcement?

The majority of fans reacted to the news in the most expected way: they’re devastated, and their comments laud and congratulate the actors and staff for the incredible run Blue Bloods has had during its soon-to-be-14 seasons. Others, on the other hand, consider this decision as a blessing in disguise.

Though saddened by the upcoming end of this fantastic show after the next season, I appreciate the proactive decision. Hoping the cast, crew, and writers deliver the best season knowing it’s the farewell, Kristen Wannemacher shared on Facebook.

Many fans agreed with Kristen that Blue Bloods will go on its own terms, allowing the show to meticulously complete its storylines and produce a satisfactory ending rather than being terminated without a genuine finale after Season 14.

Others speculated that some cast members may have grown bored of the show and that the Blue Bloods finale would allow them to retire peacefully. Fans are particularly concerned about Tom Selleck, whose health issues have caused him to struggle with filming for several months.

“I enjoy the show. I’ve been watching since the first episode. But Tom Selleck is now 78 years old. Allow him to ride away into the sunset. He has blessed us with numerous seasons. “Enjoy him and the rest of this fantastic cast in reruns,” Reddit user Draano noted.

Some fans took advantage of the opportunity to share their ideal Blue Bloods conclusion. Because the program is ending willingly, it has the rare opportunity to weave every character’s narrative and overall storyline in a satisfactory manner – a privilege that most procedurals never had because to their abrupt cancellations.

“A detective promotion for Eddie and a baby for Eddie and Jamie.” Joe is totally embracing his Reagan heritage and accepting himself as a member of the family. Sean joining the family business in some capacity, Jack returning to NYC and the family as a physician (medical examiner?) and Erin and Jack finally getting back together. “I don’t have a clear picture of Danny’s happy ending, but my ultimate fan fiction concludes with a ceremony honoring the retiring PC, with Frank introducing Jamie as the new PC,” 61Minutes2023.

Some observers speculated that this was due to the numerous factors surrounding Blue Bloods in recent months.

“As disappointing as this is, it was probably unavoidable, with the show losing creative steam, the cast taking a pay cut to do another season, and then the strike delay.” “I’d imagine not returning to begin filming new episodes caused them to lose some momentum,” Reddit user Navitach speculated.

Aside from their obvious anguish, many Blue Bloods fans reacted surprisingly calmly to the news of the show’s end. They recognize that ending on a high note is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a procedural show and merely hope that Blue Bloods makes the most of it. After all, the Reagans will be with us for as long as we have Internet access and the want to binge-watch the show every other Friday.

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