Beloved actor Warwick Davis Mourns the Loss of his Wife Samantha at 53

The Harry Potter star paid a heartfelt tribute to his late wife, describing her presence in his life as a ‘Super-Power’. They met on the set of Willow in 1988 and tied the knot three years later. Together, they shared a daughter named Annabelle and a son named Harrison. Sadly, they lost their eldest son, Lloyd, just nine days after his birth in 1990.

Davis told the BBC in a heartfelt statement that Samantha’s death has left an enormous vacuum in his life and that he loves her embraces. He acknowledged her as his closest confidant and loyal supporter throughout his career. Samantha, or ‘Sammy’ as Davis affectionately nicknamed her, had a wonderful sense of humour and always saw the positive side of everything.

Davis credited Samantha for her instrumental role in his professional endeavors, including the creation of the Tenable quiz show and the Willow series. He also noted that without her influence, there would have been no Idiot Abroad Series 3, a project she convinced comedian Ricky Gervais to undertake.

Their children, Harrison and Annabelle, expressed their deep love and thanks to their mother, emphasizing the joy and strength she provided into their lives. Samantha, like her husband, contributed significantly to the entertainment sector and co-founded the charity Little People UK, exhibiting her desire to help others.

Disney, home to the Willow TV series, expressed condolences to the Davis family, recognizing Samantha as a beloved member of the UK film and TV community. Samantha’s legacy lives on through her family, her charitable work, and the memories shared by all who knew her.

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