Victoria Palmer, Jimmy Palmer’s daughter, is How Old, According to NCIS Season 19..?

If you haven’t seen some of our recent announcements, Jimmy Palmer’s daughter will be introduced on NCIS season 19 episode 7. This is a big episode not only for Brian Dietzen behind the scenes (he co-wrote “The Helpers” with Scott Williams), but also for the Jimmy character on-screen! We’ll see how he gets along with Victoria and how she handles the loss of her mother, Breena.

Before we go any further in the episode, let’s clear up one story-related question: how old is Victoria?

Dietzen responded to a question about this in a recent Twitter post, saying that technically, Victoria would be seven years old — but the character on the show will be played a little older than that. Why? Much of this is due to the fact that the filming took place during the pand3mic. There are still many restrictions in place, particularly when it comes to younger actors on set. If you’ve been wondering why there have been fewer children on scripted shows in the last year and a half, this is the main reason.

We hope that this isn’t the last time we see Victoria on NCIS. While we don’t usually get more than one or two personal episodes for each main character per season, they’re always welcome! Now that we’ve met Victoria, it’d be nice for the show to focus more on her presence.

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