Vanessa Ray Performs Her Skincare Routine While Watching a Cute Jamko Scene in ‘Blue Bloods’

Vanessa Ray, who plays Eddie Reagan, recently revealed her new skincare regimen to her fans. During her self-care time, the Blue Bloods actor also watched a cute Jamko scene. These are the items she used and the scene she witnessed.

On ‘Blue Bloods,’ Eddie and Jamie Reagan discuss love languages.

The married couple had another heated argument in the episode “The New You.” Eddie would like Jamie (Will Estes) to take a love language test with her this time.

Dr. Gary Chapman developed the love languages, which include gifts, acts of service, quality time, words of affirmation, and physical touch. Eddie is irritated because Jamie refuses to do it.

Eddie tries to persuade him by saying she wants to learn how to communicate better with him. Jamie is still adamant about the issue. Eddie later employs the five languages to assist a couple in conflict.

Jamie does learn about the five languages by the end of the episode. Eddie returns home and discovers that he has prepared dinner.

He also has a bouquet, compliments her, massages her shoulders, and invites her to spend time with him in Central Park.

Every one of these items represents one of the five languages. Eddie realized what he was doing, and the couple quickly reconciled.

Vanessa Ray goes through her skincare routine while watching a cute Jamko scene

On May 14, Ray posted a video to Instagram of herself performing her night skincare routine. She also takes breaks to show Jamie and Eddie reconciling after their fight and discussing the episode’s love languages.

Jamie is seen giving Eddie flowers, then Eddie is seen talking to him, and finally the couple is seen hugging.

“How is everyone preparing for tonight’s season finale of @bluebloods_cbs?” For the first time in my life, I was attempting to START a “skincare routine.” A significant step forward in my personal development.

But…I needed to catch up on last week’s #bluebloods in order to be prepared. Part of the caption read, “The DRAMA with #jamko!”

Ray’s routine was then explained in the caption. She stated that she begins by cleansing her face with Alma purifying cleanser. The actor then employs Dr. Barbara Sturm’s serum. She then applies Sunday Riley’s Luna sleeping night oil. Ray also mentioned using Tata Harper Skincare’s restorative eye cream as part of her routine.

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