Vanessa Lachey of NCIS Hawaii Taunts Co-Star in Behind-The-Scenes Gaffe ‘Bad Idea!’


In her latest hilarious behind-the-scenes look, NCIS HAWAII star Vanessa Lachey revealed that some of the show’s action sequences aren’t as easy as the cast makes them appear.

CBS is currently filming the highly anticipated second season of their new NCIS spin-off. While fans wait for NCIS Hawaii’s summer hiatus to end, lead actress Vanessa Lachey has been keeping her one million Instagram followers entertained with sneak peeks at upcoming scenes and plenty of backstage gaffes.

Vanessa and her NCIS Hawaii co-star Noah Mills recently had difficulty getting into and out of a camera-rigged car on the set of season two.

In the hit NCIS spinoff, which debuted last year, the co-stars play lead agent Jane Tennant and her colleague Jesse Boone.

Vanessa shared some revealing footage of her taller co-star struggling to get into the driver’s seat on her latest Instagram story.

“This is how 6’3″ gets into a camera rigged car!!” she captioned the first clip.

“They block the doors, so we get creative,” Vanessa explained as she attempted to get into position in the following video.

“And how does 6’3″ get OUT!!!!” As Noah began to unbuckle, her next caption explained.

“Are you going to hop on out?” Vanessa teased her co-star.


He laughed in response before exclaiming angrily, “Oh, God.”

Noah had to maneuver around the seat to exit through the driver’s window feet-first, which was clearly easier said than done.

“I’m going out the window,” he declared, to which Vanessa responded, “Are you sure?”

“How are you going to get out…?” She inquired as her co-star began to lift his feet through the window. “Oh my goodness, Noah!”

“This is a terrible idea!” Noah exclaimed as he twisted into an awkward face-down position in order to push himself out the window.

Thankfully, he was able to escape the vehicle, exclaiming triumphantly, “There we go! That could be the new normal.”

Vanessa’s latest insight into the world of NCIS demonstrates how difficult sh0oting scenes can be for the actors due to production equipment.


Thankfully, the actress appears to be still enjoying her time in Hawaii, where she moved with her husband Nick Lachey and their three children last year.

“My kids got to witness pure beauty in nature,” she wrote in another recent post.

“We love living on Oahu and making these family memories!” Thank you to the islands for always welcoming us!”

Meanwhile, Vanessa has celebrated the casting of her on-screen daughter Mahina Napoleon in the upcoming AMC spin-off The Walking D3ad: Isle of the D3ad.

As NCIS production progresses, fans now have less than two months until the new team returns for more sun-soaked action and drama.

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