Torres’ Departure From NCIS Season 19 is ‘Sealed’ after a key storyline twist, ‘My Heart Hurts!’


Following the discovery of a major clue in the latest episode, NCIS viewers may soon be saying their final goodbyes to another fan favorite.
This week’s episode of CBS’ hit procedural drama NCIS featured an emotional storyline centered on Nicholas Torres (played by Wilmer Valderrama). Following the revelation of a major clue in the most recent episode, viewers could soon see the fan-favorite hand in his badge and gun.

The latest episode of the procedural drama ‘Fight or Flight,’ titled ‘Fight or Flight,’ began with Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) arriving to work tired and late.

Jessica Kight (Katrina Law) found this odd because he had declined going out for drinks, so she was curious as to what he had been up to.

When she pressed him, he pushed her away and asked, “We spend all day together at work. “Does that mean we have to spend every second of our lives together?”

Torres was also rude to NCIS Special Agent Dale Sawyer (Zane Holtz), implying that he was tired of working with the team.

During a stakeout, the agent revealed what was really bothering him when he said, “This isn’t Gibbs’ team anymore.”


Fans will recall that the two had a close bond just before their leader Gibbs (Mark Harmon) left in episode four.

When Gibbs was saying his final goodbyes to the team in the episode titled ‘Great Wide Open,’ Torres and Gibbs shared an intimate moment as Torres drove his boss to the airport.

Gibbs complimented him on being a good agent and a good man before cautioning him, “Don’t let this job become all that there is.” Take good care of yourself.”

This could be why, in order to cope with the heartbreak of his departure, he decided to take up MMA fighting as his latest hobby.

Torres was later revealed to be feeling abandoned, first by Gibbs, who chose fishing in Alaska, and then by his love interest Eleanor Bishop (Emily Wickersham), who left on an undercover assignment.

The agent’s father abandoned him when he was five years old, which was a clear trigger for him.

Torres’s display of emotional exhaustion could be a sign of his impending departure from the NCIS team.


Viewers appear to be anticipating the agent’s departure and took to Twitter to express their concerns about the agent’s future.

“I know it’s only television magic, but my heart hurts watching Torres!” said BanksKelli. He certainly misses Bishop and Gibbs!!”

“I think Nick Torres is leaving NCIS,” Kelletsgaines predicted.

While Tracyplant lady added, “I’m fine with Torres leaving if it opens the door for TIVA to return.”

“Gibbs made Torres feel like part of a family,” WannaseeIreland tweeted. I believe Gibbs’ departure left Nick feeling bereft. “I believe he is missing that bond.”

Another reason viewers believe Torres may be leaving the NCIS team is the actor’s recent new role outside of CBS.

Valderrama was announced as Don Diego de la Vega and his alter ego, the masked horseman known as Zorro, for Disney live-action in December.

Fans will have to wait and see if Torres will follow in the footsteps of Gibbs and Bishop and surrender his gun and badge.

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