Torres and Agent Knight Could Be the Next Tony and Ziva on ‘NCIS’..?

Agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) is one of the team’s newest members. Her arrival follows Bishop’s departure. We don’t know much about Knight, but she appears to be adjusting well to her new squad.

Torres and Knight are two agents we’re keeping an eye on. We’re getting the impression they’ll get romantically attached and move beyond their professional relationship. It’s starting to look like they’ll follow in the footsteps of Ziva and Tony. Showbiz Cheat Sheet weighs in on Knight and Torres.

NCIS agents are known for their amorous tendencies.

It’s part of the NCIS formula for two agents to develop feelings for each other. Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) and Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) had this dynamic, and Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Bishop had it again (Emily Wickersham). Torres and Knight, we believe, will be next.

Agent Knight has been interrogating Torres extensively. She appears to be interested in learning more about him and what makes him tick. It’s beginning to appear like she has a crush on him.

During NCIS Season 19 Episode 2 (“Nearly Departed”), Knight asks Palmer (Brian Dietzen) about Torres. She detects Torres’ desire to give Bishop’s desk away and inquires further about him and his relationship with Bishop.

During Knight’s talk with Palmer, she comments, “For a person who obviously cared a lot about [Bishop], he sure is going out of his way to pretend that he didn’t.” Torres likes to think of himself as a “free-wheeling, love ’em and leave ’em kind,” he tells Knight. Bishop, on the other hand, “threw Torres off his game,” and he didn’t understand how much he cared about her until she was gone, according to him. Knight is advised by Palmer to leave Nick alone. He says, “He’ll come around.”

On ‘NCIS,’ Torres and Agent Knight will cross paths.

Wilmer Valderrama spoke briefly on the entrance of Agent Jessica Knight to Law. Torres and Knight, he believes, are approaching a stage where they have a lot in common. Could this be a clue that the characters’ relationship will be more than just work?

Torres told TV Line, “She’s a great woman, very skilled.” “It’s exciting to introduce new aspects because that’s when things start to heat up.” She and Torres, I believe, will have a lot in common. Our characters will dynamically be at a position in the field where they can compliment each other.”

Torres and Knight’s fates have been decided.

We believe Torres and Knight will start dating in the near future. Torres has had a lot of heartbreak in the last several episodes. He’ll probably count on Knight for support as he comes to trust her.

The fact that Knight has taken over the Bishop’s desk could be a sign of things to come. Torres and Knight already have a friendly rivalry, and they frequently trade humorous jabs. It appears that the producers are setting the stage for a future romance between them. They’re already arguing like husband and wife. When they debate about Knight’s “hypothetical husband,” for example.

Knight is expected to continue where Torres and Bishop left off. We may see sparks flare after Torres and Knight get to know each other.

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