Speculation Grows: Will ‘Tony & Ziva’ Make An Appearance on The Main NCIS Show?

The flagship NCIS series might perhaps assist launch the next overseas spinoff.

Weatherly hinted to a Tony and Ziva reunion before NCIS: Europe was announced. Everyone was unaware that a spinoff based on them was already in development. However, this creates further doubts, such as whether they will return to the main NCIS series. While the majority of their former teammates are no longer on active duty, Gibbs’ absence at Ducky’s funeral opens the door for his comeback, while Tim McGee and Palmer remain on the roster. This original series might set up a proper reunion for them.

NCIS crossovers aren’t anything new. Aside from little references and name drops, this is one of the primary benefits of having a developing world. So, while NCIS: Europe will air on Paramount+, its parent program could still help launch it with a genuine comeback for Tony and Ziva. Maybe their cameos will act as a backdoor pilot for their series. In any event, it’s impossible to believe they won’t want to support the pair, especially because McGee and Palmer are on Parker’s squad.

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