Emotional Farewell: Tony DiNozzo’s Last Scene on NCIS [Season 13 Finale]

In the NCIS Season 13 finale titled “Family First,” the NCIS team, along with the FBI and MI6, embarks on an intense international manhunt to capture a rogue British spy targeting current and former agents. This episode is especially poignant as it marks the final appearance of Anthony DiNozzo, played by Michael Weatherly.

DiNozzo’s departure is prompted by the discovery that he has a little daughter, Tali, with his old colleague and love interest, Ziva David, who is assumed dead. DiNozzo chooses to prioritize his newfound fatherhood and bids an emotional farewell to the NCIS team, bringing his lengthy and memorable time on the show to an end. This departure concludes multiple current storylines while paving the way for future events in the series.

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