Tom Selleck Plans Retirement to Avocado Farm After Blue Bloods Finale

After 14 seasons on Blue Bloods, Tom Selleck, 78, is looking forward to a quiet retirement on his 65-acre avocado farm outside Los Angeles.

Sources close to the actor reveal that Selleck, known for his role as a devoted family man, aims to spend more time with his wife and enjoy outdoor activities on his ranch.

The Magnum P.I. star has previously taken sabbatical from Hollywood to prioritize personal life over stardom. He takes comfort in the tranquil ranch life, away from the spotlight.

Selleck, who bought the property from Dean Martin in 1988, is hands-on with maintaining over 1,500 avocado trees, finding fulfillment in the tangible work of farming.

Reflecting on his Hollywood career, Selleck admits to feeling divorced from the abstract concept of fame, preferring the real task of farming.

With his imminent retirement, Selleck looks forward to a quieter, more grounded life away from the hustle of Tinseltown.

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