Tom Selleck or Donnie Wahlberg? Who Eats More in Those Dinner Scenes, According to a ‘Blue Bloods’ Star

Blue Bloods’ cast eats together in order to film the family dinner scenes. But you might be wondering who eats the most. One of the celebrities is asked whether Donnie Wahlberg or Tom Selleck eats the most.

The ‘Blue Bloods’ cast enjoys filming dinner scenes.

Because the characters have different jobs, the cast usually works separately. In every episode, however, all of the Reagans gather for dinner.

“We have to shoot everybody not just in a wide shot but in close-ups,” Selleck, who plays Frank, told TV Insider. “I may sound like a fan, but it’s mostly because I get to see my friends.”

We’re close to the Reagans, and they’re close to us. With such a large cast, I might not see Donnie for a month. This format is similar to a weekly reunion.”

Wahlberg also stated that the dinner scenes inspired him to play Danny. “Well, the family dinner scenes on Blue Bloods, obviously, the first one I ever read was the pilot episode,” he told Showbiz Cheat Sheet.

“The moment I read that scene, I knew I wanted to be a part of the show.”

“I hadn’t been offered the job yet, so I had to go in and earn it,” he continued. But when I read that scene, it reminded me of my childhood and upbringing, with everyone sitting around the table arguing and disagreeing and everyone having a different point of view.”

Donnie Wahlberg consumes more food than Tom Selleck.

Sami Gayle, who plays Nicky, spoke with CBS Miami about the dinner scenes. She stated that filming while eating is difficult for a variety of reasons.

“It’s fun because we have to match whatever we eat in each take,” she explained. The actor stated that if you eat a lot on the first take, you must match that amount of food.

She was then asked who ate more, Wahlberg or Selleck. “Certainly Donnie,” she replied. “I’m not sure where it goes, but he eats a lot during those scenes.” It’s amazing.”

Selleck has a technique for those scenes.

There could be several reasons for this disparity between Selleck and Wahlberg. But the main reason is most likely because Selleck tries to be practical by restricting his eating to specific times.

According to TV Insider, Selleck “only eats when [cameras] cut to me.” This is an excellent strategy for avoiding overeating. Wahlberg also admitted to bingeing on food, “especially when it’s pork chops and apple sauce.”

The cast appears to enjoy eating together for work. During their time together, however, it is Wahlberg who enjoys the food the most.

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