Tom Selleck Almost Shaved Iconic Mustache for ‘Blue Bloods’ Role


In a potential shake-up for fans of the TV series “Blue Bloods,” Tom Selleck, famed for his enduring mustache and depiction of Commissioner Frank Reagan, nearly went clean-shaven for the role. Selleck, who is known for his bushy upper lip, considered sacrificing his signature look in order to be more real to his character.

Initially, Selleck questioned whether a police commissioner could realistically sport a mustache. However, a deeper dive revealed that the position was civilian, freeing Selleck from any constraints regarding personal appearance. Despite this revelation, CBS executives insisted that Selleck maintain his iconic facial hair, recognizing its significance not only to the actor but also to the character he portrays.

Selleck’s mustache gained popularity alongside his role of Tom Magnum in “Magnum PI,” becoming a symbol of his on-screen image. Its cultural impact was so significant that it inspired fan-created social media pages and earned the label of one of Hollywood’s most renowned mustaches.

While Selleck has briefly shed his facial hair for roles in the past, such as in the film “In and Out” and during an episode of “Friends,” his mustache remains an integral part of his identity. Its retention in “Blue Bloods” reflects the character’s enduring presence and the actor’s recognition of its importance to fans.

As “Blue Bloods” continues to attract audiences, Selleck and his iconic mustache are certain to remain series regulars for many seasons, demonstrating the staying power of a facial hair phenomenon.

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