Tom Selleck Hints at Jesse Stone’s Resurrection: A Return to Paradise

In a recent interview with Parade, Hollywood veteran Tom Selleck revealed a shocking secret for fans of gritty cr1me dramas: his favorite character, Jesse Stone, may be revived. Selleck, best known for his classic depiction of the brooding small-town police chief, hinted at the revival of the “Jesse Stone” series when his current blockbuster show, “Blue Bloods,” ended its run.

“If ‘Blue Bloods’ doesn’t [get uncanceled], there is room for a ‘Jesse Stone’ because I’ve written them, as you know,” Selleck teased. “I love Jesse. And he’d be different. He’s older. It’s been a while since the last one. That’s a fun thing to deal with.”

The “Jesse Stone” franchise, based on Robert B. Parker’s popular mystery novels, has captivated fans from its inception in 2009. The series, which consists of nine compelling TV movies, follows the mysterious former baseball player turned police chief as he confronts corruption and solves cr1mes in the lovely but dangerous town of Paradise, Massachusetts.

With its blend of compelling storytelling and Selleck’s magnetic performance, “Jesse Stone” has left an indelible mark on television. The last installment, “Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise,” left fans clamoring for more in 2019, eager to uncover what adventures awaited their beloved protagonist.

As curiosity grows regarding Jesse’s whereabouts during the last four years, fans eagerly await his return to the screen. Will he face familiar opponents, or will fresh obstacles test his resolve? Only time will tell, but in the meantime, viewers may immerse themselves in the riveting drama of “Blue Bloods,” in which Selleck continues to excel.

Stay tuned for updates on Jesse Stone’s triumphant comeback, and in the meantime, catch Tom Selleck’s captivating performances on “Blue Bloods” as the saga unfolds.

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