Tom Selleck Vows to Keep ‘Blue Bloods’ Going: ‘We’re Bursting with Ideas’

Tom Selleck isn’t ready to say goodbye to the Reagan family just yet. As “Blue Bloods” startet with its 14th and final season, the renowned actor voiced reluctance to leave the popular intergenerational cop drama.

“CBS will find many fans aren’t ready to let go,” Selleck remarked, noting the show’s surging popularity. “We’re not short on ideas either.”

Selleck’s enthusiasm for the series is apparent. “I’m not eagerly awaiting the end so I can move on,” he emphasized. “I enjoy the work. Sure, the hours may get tougher as I get older, but that’s no deterrent. I’m here for as long as they want me.”

This sentiment echoes his earlier sentiments when news of the show’s conclusion broke. Selleck’s statement then expressed gratitude for the opportunity to portray the NYPD family saga for over a decade.

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  1. PLEASE continue to produce future episodes of Blue Bloods — it’s one show the entire family — all ages — doesn’t like to miss. The acting is great, the episodes touch all facets of the human emotions, and not one of us doesn’t look forward to each week’s episode and cannot imagine that it needs to conclude any time soon,

  2. I’ve been a Blue Bloods fan since the onset of the show. I watch it every single night from 10:00 pm to 3:00 am. Never miss an eoiside. Likewise watch the new ones on CBS, WE on on Saturdays, and News Nation Sundays. I’m a diehard fan. Please , CBS, continue with Blue Bloods.

  3. My brother-in-law got me hooked on Blue Bloods years ago and I watch it every week, if I’m not home to watch I record it so I can watch it later, LOVE this show!

  4. My brother-in-law got me hooked on Blue Bloods many years ago, I watch it every week and if I’m not home to watch I record it so I can watch it later. I LOVE Blue Bloods.

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