Tom Selleck And Mark Harmon Feuding Over Who’s ‘Top Dog’ At CBS?

Are Tom Selleck and Mark Harmon dueling over being top banana at CBS? The stars of Blue Bloods and NCIS are feuding according to one tabloid. Gossip Cop can clear this whole situation up.

The story of a “long-running” feud between Harmon and Selleck comes from The National Enquirer. Harmon has grown obsessed with being “the network’s top dog” and will not retire “before Tom Selleck does,” or so says one single anonymous source. Retiring after Selleck would ensure, this so-called source says, “Mark could say that he won.”

The article does reveal the start of this supposed rivalry. In 2001, Selleck and Harmon worked together on a made-for-TV western entitled Crossfire Trail. According to this mysterious source, “Tom talked Mark into doing the movie and it was a flop, and he still resents him for nearly derailing his career.” Crossfire Trail, while not a critical darling, was the most watched made-for-cable movie ever for years until High School Musical 2 came out. That would hardly qualify as a flop.

The article is especially vague as to what this feud would practically mean. There’s no claim that Harmon and Selleck are refusing to work together, just that simmering tensions “may be coming to a head!” The use of the word “may” here is wishy-washy, as are the words “could” and “nearly.” The tabloid is not making definitive statements because there aren’t definitive statements to make.

With the tabloid only making vague statements, Gossip Cop is calling this story false. Furthermore, we spoke to Selleck’s spokesperson who told us the story was “completely false.” There is no evidence that Selleck and Harmon have any conflict, personal or professional. This is just a tabloid pulling two stars that work for the same network out of a hat and inventing a rivalry that doesn’t really exist.

Random Hollywood rivalries are commonplace for this tabloid. Just last month the Enquirer claimed Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow were feuding over cookware. That story was completely bogus, as Witherspoon does not even have a cookware line. Also bogus was when this same tabloid claimed George Clooney was “resurrecting” a feud with, of all people, Fabio. Fabio and Clooney got in an argument over a decade ago, but there’s no sign of present animosity.

This is the same tabloid that incorrectly stated that Selleck would be leaving Blue Bloods because of his ailing health. His health is fine, Gossip Cop pointed out, and he has signed on for another season. Similarly, sister-mag Star recently claimed Harmon was quitting Hollywood to move to Montana. He has signed on for another season of NCIS so will not be leaving Hollywood anytime soon. These two “top dogs” of CBS will continue to co-exist for years to come.

Sources Annett Wolf, Spokesperson for Tom Selleck, 26 July 2020.

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