The Real Reason Gibbs Wears a Bracelet and 5 Other Unknown Facts About ‘NCIS Cast’

NCIS has aired over 400 episodes over the course of 18 seasons on CBS.Since the beginning, Mark Harmon has played team leader Leroy Jethro Gibbs. But he hasn’t been the most straightforward character to figure out.

Gibbs was initially a mystery to both his team and the audience. He remains a bit of an enigma to this day. However, there are some details about the character that have been briefly mentioned — only to be quickly forgotten. Here are a few interesting facts about Gibbs and his team.

6. The ‘NCIS’ star wears a bracelet in memory of his father.

Fans have noticed that Gibbs wears a medical bracelet on NCIS over the years. However, there is no mention of why the character would need to wear one. The bracelet, it turns out, has nothing to do with Gibbs and everything to do with Harmon.

Harmon’s father d1ed on March 15, 1990, and the bracelet belonged to him. Harmon wears it to remember him.

5. Gibbs is fluent in several languages.

Gibbs is a man of few words, and those words can be spoken in a variety of languages. Gibbs’ ability to speak Mandarin was revealed in season 1 when he interpreted a suspect’s tattoo.

In season 2, he assisted in the investigation of a World War II veteran who served in Japan. Gibbs then revealed that he could speak Japanese.

Gibbs can also communicate in Russian, as revealed in season 4. He also speaks American Sign Language.

4. Gibbs has been married five times, engaged five times, and divorced three times.

Gibbs appears to be married to his job as Special Agent in Charge at NCIS. In his backstory, however, the character has had a number of ladies in his life.

Shannon, Gibbs’ first wife, was his true love, and they had a daughter named Kelly. Shannon and Kelly, on the other hand, were k1lled in a car accident when a drug dealer shot the escort who was driving them.

Diane Sterling, Gibbs’ second wife (first ex-wife), also married Tobias Fornell. Rebecca Chase was his third wife (second ex-wife). They divorced because she was unfaithful, and she married the man with whom she had cheated on Gibbs. Stephanie Flynn, his fourth wife (third ex-wife), lived with Gibbs during his service in Moscow.

Finally, in season 16, it was revealed that Gibbs had been engaged for the fifth time. However, his fiancée, Ellen Wallace, was murd3red the night before the 9/11 att4cks.

3. The lead character on ‘NCIS’ was named after his father’s best friend.

The name “Leroy Jethro” is unusual. So, how did Gibbs get his surname? In season 5, it was revealed that he was named after his father Jackson’s best friend.

Jackson Gibbs’ business partner at the Stillwater General Store was Leroy Jethro Moore. They met while working in the coal mines, and they both served as Marines in WWII.

2. Mark Harmon created the Gibbs”signature slap’ by accident.

For 13 seasons, Gibbs would slap the back of Tony DiNozzo’s (Michael Weatherly) head on a regular basis. It occurs when Gibbs considers his behavior to be distracting or idiotic.

Tim McGee (Sean Murray) has occasionally received a slap since DiNozzo’s departure. However, that was not originally assigned to Gibbs by the writers.

After Harmon smacked Weatherly in the back of the head during a take early in the first season, the showrunners decided to incorporate the habit into his character.

1. The ‘NCIS’ fan favorite received a purple heart.

Fans of NCIS know that Gibbs was a Marine before joining the Naval Cr1m1nal Investigative Service. When Gibbs fell into a coma while working a case in season 3, fans learned more about his service.

Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly), then-director of NCIS, informed DiNozzo that Gibbs had been injured in Desert Storm. Gibbs was awarded the Purple Heart as a result of his injury.

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