The Real Problem With NCIS star ‘Abby Sciuto’ About Wardrobe Choices

There was a time when Abby Sciuto, played by actress Pauley Perrette, was every fan’s favorite character on “NCIS” (via Showbiz CheatSheet). However, as the show went, more and more of its audience grew tired of the character.

In a Reddit post, a fan commented, “I’ve found that even during rewatches I have to fast forward through most scenes that have a focus on her.”

“Her character is childish, obnoxious and I think part of my problem is that the character is eerily similar to Pauley Perrette, who I’ve also grown to dislike.”

You can’t overlook her dress choices, whether you liked her or despised her as the show progressed. Sciuto had a traditional goth girl appearance, but she was in a forensic laboratory, which was unusual (via TV Insider).

What Sciuto was best known for on the program, it turns out, would have gotten her in a lot of trouble in real life.

Sciuto’s dress choices would have put her in trouble.

According to individuals who work in government in the real world, the way Abby Sciuto was allowed to dress in the office is a big flaw in the plot of “NCIS” (via Express).

While her goth girl style was entertaining for a TV show, if she had a real job with the government, she may have been dismissed.

Fans turned to Reddit to discuss Sciuto’s clothing throughout her stint on the show. “I can tell you her clothing would not be acceptable in most offices,” said one reviewer.

“Regardless if you are a contractor or [government] employee, each organization and their offices have dress codes to follow, just like any private industry organizations do,” he said. “Some jewelry, such as those with large spikes, may also be prohibited.” So, in general, Abby would have to wear typical professional dress.”

Sciuto, on the other hand, would not be the only character that would lose their job if they worked for the actual NCIS.

Outsider reports that fans speculated that Agent Tony DiNozzo would likely lose his job as a result of his professional antics. You know what they say about not believing everything you see on television!

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  1. Abby was a lovable, unique, fun character. She was not obnoxious. She was just the way the writers and directors wanted.
    I wish she would reconsider and return to NCIS. She’s very much missed.

  2. I agree. It’s all about the writers and what they want. I loved Abby, she was awesome. The way she dressed? Isn’t that the wardrobe and writers choice. If you talk about Abby’s dress, why don’t you include all the men and women in the Scrooge government. I see a lot of women in these type of shows with cheesy dress. Showing their boobs, tight tops, dressed to attract the guys to watch and the guys aren’t much better. I see a lot of government workers that never dress like this and aren’t all so skinny either. It’s all about ratings. I watch because I like what it’s about, not how they look

  3. The show is called”Entertainment”.If it is not of Your choice,take the thingey and click to something that You like,prefer. They must have done something right/correct to have lasted as long as they have. I hope that some people do not believe all the shooting and arrest that the NCIS team makes.ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!

  4. It is a tv show not real life people. It’s meant to be entertaining not boring. Therefore the way she dressed and acted I thought was perfect, she was perfect and made the show fun as well as having plenty of action. I don’t understand people they want a good show and then complain when it’s good. Can’t make everyone happy.

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