The NCIS Cast Members Who Left and Ruined the Show

The departure of key cast members from “NCIS” has left fans in shock, with each exit signaling the end of an era for the cherished show. Here is a basic rundown:

Jennifer Esposito: Known for her role as Special Agent Alexandra Quinn, Esposito’s departure after just one season left fans longing for more. Her character’s departure to care for her mother left the door open for a potential return.

Lauren Holly:Holly’s character, Jenny Shepard, was originally planned to be a temporary guest appearance, but she ended up staying for 48 episodes. Her departure occurred after three seasons, and her character met a horrible end.

Miguel Ferrer: Ferrer’s portrayal of NCIS Assistant Director Owen Granger on “NCIS: Los Angeles” was heartfelt until his passing in 2017 due to cancer. His absence was deeply felt by both cast and fans alike.

Michael Weatherly: Weatherly, a cast founding member, left a major vacuum when she left after 13 seasons. His choice to depart was driven by a desire for new experiences, which led him to star in the CBS series “Bull.”

Pauley Perrette: Perrette’s exit as Abby Sciuto after 16 seasons shocked fans, especially amid rumors of on-set tensions. Reports of a dog att4ck incident involving Mark Harmon added to the speculation surrounding her departure.

Zoe McLellan: McLellan’s departure as Special Agent Meredith Brody puzzled fans. Behind the scenes, pressure from higher-ups, including claims of wrongdoing, prompted her departure.

Cote de Pablo: De Pablo’s departure as Ziva David in Season 11 left fans reeling. Her decision to leave stemmed from feeling her character wasn’t being given the respect she deserved, though she later returned for Seasons 16 and 17.

Mark Harmon: The resignation of Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Harmon, symbolizes the end of an era on “NCIS.” While Harmon may make sporadic cameos, his departure from the primary cast leaves a big vacuum.

Each departure has left a lasting impact on the show’s dynamic, with fans eagerly awaiting how the series will evolve in their absence.


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  1. Will never be the same. Haven’t watch it since mark harmon left. That was the last straw for me. To l watch reruns.

  2. The retirement of Mark left a void ,i have tried to pickup with Gary Cole but it was 1change to many so i just only watch old team reruns now ,while Gary is a good actor it changed NCIS SADLY to me its no longer interesting …

  3. Not ruined by anyone leaving…it’s just different…like real life…things don’t stay the same..they just change and we adjust…most people can accept change and move on.thats life.

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