The Michael Weatherly Return Speculation on ‘NCIS’ – Are Explained

Michael Weatherly has been gone from NCIS for seven years. Since then, fans have hoped and prayed that Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo would return to the DC offices, even if only for an episode or two. Rumors have been flying for a while now, especially with Weatherly frequently teasing fans about a possible return, but there may be a few roadblocks in his path. So, what exactly do these rumors imply?

RadarOnline reported in November that Weatherly was eager to return to the long-running CBS procedural, especially after the end of his own CBS series, Bull. According to an insider, the show’s producers, as well as his co-stars, are “hopeful of getting him back – especially the bosses, who’d like to expand the hunk line-up!”

Another source revealed that Mark Harmon, who left NCIS at the start of Season 19, has been thinking about coming out of retirement but has yet to act on his plans. Weatherly, on the other hand, has been teasing about returning since before Bull even ended.

However, Weatherly’s return may be difficult now that a previous interview with the actor has resurfaced, according to RadarOnline. In it, he hurled some insults at Harmon, implying that the former co-stars were not particularly friendly with one another because they were on opposite ends of the spectrum. According to an insider, what Weatherly said about Harmon has harmed his chances of returning, as “Mark’s a legend, and people don’t take kindly to Michael talking junk about him.” Michael comes across as an immature a – who is also jealous.”

Unfortunately, this is not all. Most recently, according to another RadarOnline report, Weatherly is allegedly requesting that his return be demanded in order to bring back on-screen love interest. Cote de Pablo and his television father, Robert Wagner. Wagner appears to be “happily retired,” according to an insider. de Pablo returned as Ziva David in an arc in Season 17, but an insider reports that Wagner appears to be “happily retired.” They also claim that “he’s doing himself no favors by being so demanding.” The executives are tearing out their hair over their terms.”

While none of this has been confirmed and is all being reported by RadarOnline, it is unknown whether any of it is true or if there is more to it. The only thing that is certain is that Weatherly wants to return to NCIS, which he has stated, but fans will have to wait and see if that happens. With NCIS returning for Season 21, it’s always possible that Tony DiNozzo will return, and with no end in sight, there’s plenty of time for it to happen.

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