The Future of Alden Parker in NCIS Season 21

Exciting developments await Alden Parker in NCIS Season 21! After overcoming false accusations and reconnecting with his past, Parker led the team through thrilling cases. His journey included personal revelations, a surprising romance, and confronting past demons. As Season 21 approaches, fans eagerly anticipate what challenges and growth lie ahead for this tough and resilient agent.

What can Parker expect in NCIS Season 21?

Season 20 provided fascinating insight into Parker’s past and what drives him. As a result, Season 21 could show him progressing, which could include a reunion with Senator Constance Miller (Brigid Branagh), as the two got along well.

Constance did, however, suggest that Parker might still be carrying a torch for Vivian, which could mean the return of Teri Polo. In any case, between his romantic life, his issues with his father, and his guilt over his partner, Parker may need a break while still demonstrating his commitment to the team.

Fans have come around to Parker as a compelling character and a replacement for Gibbs, and Season 21 can show more of Parker using NCIS to get a fresh start in his own life while still being a top agent for the team.


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  1. No to Parker,, He needs his own show & see who tunes in, He doesn’t compare or have the gravitas
    to carry a leading role like Mark Harmon.

  2. I thought the same thing until I rewatch the shows and realized Gibbs is the one that suggested him. No one can replace Mark Harmon he’s the best.

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