The Creator of ‘NCIS Sydney’ Hints a Connection with Jethro Gibbs

Leroy Jethro Gibbs hasn’t appeared on NCIS in a few years, but he throws such a vast shadow over the show that he’s usually mentioned.

The character’s comeback was discussed in a recent interview with Mark Harmon, and now the showrunner for NCIS: Sydney has spoken in. NCIS: Sydney is the newest NCIS installment, and its popularity proves that the franchise still has gas in its tank.

Morgan O’Neill, the showrunner, has been open about which pieces have been lifted from prior editions and which are new to Sydney, but it was the promise of future narratives that piqued our interest.

What is the Relationship Between NCIS: Sydney and NCIS..?

O’Neill revealed to TV Insider that Michelle Mackey (Olivia Swann), the special agent who oversees the NCIS: Sydney unit, has a comprehensive biography about how she became involved with the agency.

Backstories are nothing new for NCIS, but the fact that Mackey used the phrase “it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission” has fans wondering if the famous Gibbs played a role in her hiring.

Gibbs liked the phrase, and though the connection is tenuous, O’Neill embraced the theory. The show will explore Mackey’s journey to NCIS, delving into her past as a Marine Corps chopper pilot a rough road with an outcome that wasn’t favorable.

When O’Neill mentioned Gibbs, our ears and eyes perked up. As we’ll see, it was a former NCIS agent who reached out to her at her lowest point and dragged her back into the organization.

And that agent may be Jethro Gibbs or not, but strap in and we’ll find out.

Given Gibbs’ departure from law enforcement, this is an intriguing option. The character was last seen settling down in Alaska, and while Harmon indicated the character is quite fine fishing, he left the door open for a return.

If the former NCIS agent referred to by O’Neill is indeed Gibbs, it’s much more likely that there’s a reference to the character rather than an actual appearance. If so, that’s a cool allusion.

NCIS: Sydney is a streaming hit, achieving 10 million streams on Paramount+ in its initial three days a record for the platform.

While the show proves its lasting appeal, the likelihood of Gibbs leaving his Alaskan fishing pursuits to return remains doubtful if he’s hesitant to return to the original NCIS.

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