The 20th Season of “NCIS” Will Feature The Return Of A Well-Known Character

We now have more information on the NCIS season 20 premiere, which will feature two agents from the Hawai’i franchise to assist in clearing Alden Parker and bringing down the Raven.

CBS has not released a list of the guest stars who will appear in “A Family Matter.” There is no indication that Mark Harmon’s Gibbs will return. First and foremost, let’s get that out of the way. Tobias Fornell (Joe Spano), on the other hand, is one of Gibbs’ closest friends. Late Thursday, CBS released additional production photos. In one of the photos, Spano as Fornell is seen smiling with Parker, McGee, Torres, and Jess, as well as Jane Tennant from Hawaii. The network has yet to reveal who will appear as a guest star.

Agents Pursue the Raven in the NCIS Premiere

It’s no surprise that Fornell will be featured in the first episode of NCIS. After all, the FBI is involved in the plot. Alden Parker (Gary Cole) and his wife Viv are both ex-FBI agents (Teri Polo). Parker is suspected of murd3ring his former partner, according to the FBI. Furthermore, the bureau believes Parker stole money and has files from an offshore account to prove it. The Raven appears for the second time in the season 19 finale. Parker believes this domestic terr0rist is planning to frame him.

The premiere of NCIS and NCIS: Hawai’i should reveal the identity of the Raven, or at the very least clear Parker. Those log lines were released by CBS earlier this week. Jane Tennant (Vanessa Lachey) and Ernie (Jason Antoon) are visiting Vance (Rocky Carroll). And they join the rest of the agents in their hunt for the Raven.

Torres (Wilmer Valderramma) and Jess (Katrina Law) then travel to Oahu in NCIS: Hawai’i. That’s where you’ll find the Raven. He wishes to destabilize, at the very least, RIMPAC. This is an abbreviation for the Pacific Rim Exercises. In reality, these military exercises take place off the coast of Honolulu in June and July on even-numbered years. The Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and Hawaii National Guard all take part. Other Pacific Rim countries follow suit. RIMPAC 2018 concluded on Thursday. The exercises lasted five weeks and involved 25 countries.

Terr0rists Employ Bio Toxins in Their Att4cks

The Raven was first introduced to NCIS viewers in the season 19 episode “The Helpers.” The episode was co-written by Brian Dietzen. In it, a terr0rist cell attempts to detonate a bio-toxin at a military base, then in the heart of a city. Jimmy and Kasie were almost k1lled by the biotoxins (Diona Reasonover). At the end of the hour, as Jimmy was recovering in a hospital, the Raven sent Parker a note that said, “Never more.”

Then, in the season finale, Raven appears to have orchestrated Viv’s kidnapping while she was out jogging. Viv flees, and the agents try to figure out what happened. The Raven left his imprint on the spot where Viv was being held against her will. After it becomes clear that someone is attempting to frame Parker for murd3r, the agents vow to clear his name.

So let’s get back to the season premiere plans. Fornell is also a close friend of Parker’s, so it makes sense that he would return to assist his friend. The most recent episode in which Spano appeared was “Starting Over,” which aired on March 28. Fornell, played by Spano, is a recurring character. He has appeared in 58 episodes since the beginning of the NCIS series. When the series said good-by to Gibbs, Tobias played a role in assisting his close friend in coming to terms with leaving his job.

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