Sneak Peek Clips From The NCIS Winter Premiere Have Been Released

NCIS winter premiere sneak peeks were released in order to generate interest in the show’s return from its most recent hiatus.

Pledge of Allegiance is the title of the new episode of the show, which will air on January 3, 2022.

The winter premiere will be NCIS Season 19, Episode 10, and it will continue the series with Alden Parker now in command.

NCIS fans may recall that on the final episode of the show, a hologram played one of the characters. It was a unique take on a suspect, but it didn’t feel like a true fall finale.

Now that the show has returned, we have some new content to ring in the new year.

“NCIS is called in when Navy Chief Warrant Officer Rafi Nazar (Artur Zai Benson) is suspected of attempting to sell stolen classified Navy software used to pilot combat drones,” according to the CBS episode synopsis.

Sneak peek clips from the NCIS winter premiere

The three videos below have been released in advance of the next new episode of NCIS. It provides a preview of what the team will face as well as some new content for NCIS fans who have been waiting for the show to return.

Director Vance announces that a manhunt has begun in this first clip, and then Alden Parker begins to explain what is going on.

Torres and Knight are seen interviewing someone about the ongoing case in the following clip.

In the third clip from the NCIS winter premiere, we see the team engaging in a foot chase. Will they apprehend their suspect?

More NCIS Season 19 news and notes

Meredith Eaton will return to the NCIS cast as Carol Wilson, according to NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama (Agent Torres). This sets up some fun banter within the show, and it will undoubtedly bring back memories of Carol and Abby Sciuto working on cases together.

Valderrama also shared a video of Torres, who was badly injured. NCIS fans were immediately concerned after seeing the social media post that Valderrama might be leaving the show in the near future.

It was also recently revealed that Valderrama will star in a television “reimagining” of Zorro, which seems to be a big hint that NCIS Season 19 will be the end of the road for Agent Torres.

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