Since The Day He Left NCIS, Michael Weatherly Has Been Dropping Hints About His Return – and Now He is Reportedly Playing ‘HARDBALL’

NCIS fans, brace yourselves for a showdown! Michael Weatherly, who played Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on the hit cr1me drama, has been teasing his return to the show for years. In order to make a comeback, he is now playing hardball with the show’s executives.

With his demands becoming increasingly unreasonable, it’s unclear whether Weatherly will be able to return. Weatherly’s desire to bring back another NCIS fan favorite is one of the major sticking points.

Michael Weatherly is reportedly putting up a fight with ‘NCIS’ executives.

NCIS fans are nervous as Weatherly negotiates a possible return to the show. However, Weatherly’s tough stance with executives may jeopardize his chances of returning.

Since his departure from NCIS in 2016, the actor has been teasing his return. Fans have been wondering when Weatherly will reprise his NCIS role now that his other series, Bull, has concluded.

Although producers would like to see Weatherly return, negotiations for his return are not going as well as expected. According to insiders, Weatherly’s demands are becoming too much for executives to handle.

Weatherly, in particular, is said to want Cote de Pablo to reprise her role as Ziva David. He would also like to see Robert Wagner return to the show. Unfortunately, executives are not on board with Weatherly’s demands, which may jeopardize his comeback.

“Michael loves to stir things up and get fans excited about his comeback, but he’s doing himself no favors by being so demanding,” a source explained. “The bosses are tearing out their hair over their terms.”

The former ‘NCIS’ star keeps fans guessing about his return to the cr1me drama.

Weatherly will be remembered by NCIS fans as the charismatic “Very Special Agent” Tony DiNozzo, who left the show in 2016 after 13 seasons.

Weatherly has been keeping busy since then with his role on the CBS drama Bull. With that show’s six-season run coming to an end later this month, the door is wide open for Weatherly to return to NCIS.

CBS has not confirmed the weatherman reports. The actor, on the other hand, has been vocal about his desire to return since the day he left. Weatherly told People before his final scene as Tony aired that he would love to return someday.

“Well, I believe in the NCIS franchise very much,” he explained. “I would be open to anything and everything, including things no one has even considered.” So, to summarize, the long answer is yes.”

Fans would undoubtedly welcome Weatherly’s return as Tony. It remains to be seen whether de Pablo will reprise her role as Ziva, though pairing those two again would make sense.

Michael Weatherly has been discussing his return to the show ever since he left.

Weatherly hasn’t been seen in action on NCIS in quite some time. While he has been busy with other projects, Weatherly has not been shy about expressing his desire to return to NCIS.

Weatherly, for example, teased fans on Twitter in 2018 about a possible return to NCIS. Although he did not provide a firm return date, Weatherly assured his fans that he would return when the “time is right.”

When de Pablo returned in 2019, fans wondered if Tony and Ziva would get any screen time together. Weatherly fueled the rumors by filming a video for his co-star with a show fan.

Weatherly’s return to NCIS appears to be only a matter of time, based on his comments. The only remaining obstacle is negotiating his return, which should be completed soon.

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