Why Does Shannon Gibbs from NCIS Looks Familiar..?


“Have you ever wondered where you saw Shannon Gibbs from NCIS before? Darby Stanchfield portrays the supporting but tragically departed wife of Special Agent Gibbs. While her character isn’t constantly in the forefront, Stanchfield’s visage is well-known on television. She’s established herself in the industry through prominent guest appearances and her current part in a Netflix fantasy-horror series. Are you looking for her somewhere else? Keep your eyes peeled.”

Darby Stanchfield’s Resumé Is A List of Must-See Television.

Discover the TV magic of Darby Stanchfield! From her breakout role on ‘Angel’ to captivating performances in ’24’, ‘Jericho’, and ‘Mad Men’, she’s graced our screens with versatility and skill. Whether playing a post-apocalyptic doctor or a scandalous divorcee, Stanchfield shines. Her resume sparkles with guest spots on ‘Bones’, ‘Private Practice’, and ‘How I Met Your Mother’. Don’t miss her unforgettable turn as Richard Castle’s ex-wife on ‘Castle’. With a career filled with must-see television, Stanchfield proves she’s a powerhouse in the industry!

Darby Stanchfield Played Pivotal Parts in Two Major Television Series.

Darby Stanchfield’s remarkable performances on television have established her place in TV history. She debuted in 2012 as Abby Whelan in the gripping political drama “Scandal,” co-starring with Kerry Washington and directing an episode.

Recently, Stanchfield mesmerized audiences as Nina Locke in Netflix’s thrilling adaptation of “Locke & Key.” Portraying a complex mother grappling with addiction, she added layers of depth to the tale of magical keys and family secrets.

With talks of a potential second season for “Locke & Key,” Stanchfield’s star continues to rise, promising more captivating moments on screen.

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