Season 19 of ‘NCIS’: Jimmy Palmer’s Daughter: Everything We Know About Her

Victoria Elizabeth Palmer, Jimmy’s daughter, makes her first appearance on NCIS in the latest episode.

During Season 19, the writers are revisiting some of the NCIS agents’ families. In this case, it’s the family of Dr. Jimmy Palmer, a medical examiner. Jimmy’s wife was murd3red by C0v1d 19 in season 18, so he has been raising his young daughter, Victoria, as a single father. However, the episode scheduled for Monday, Feb. 28 will be the first time fans will see Jimmy’s daughter since she was born in a 2015 episode.

Victoria is a little older than a first-grader because she lives in a TV world. Brian Dietzen, who plays Jimmy, revealed his on-screen daughter on social media earlier this month. If you’re into NCIS trivia, Jimmy named Victoria after Dr. Ducky Mallard’s mother. Jimmy’s friend and mentor is Ducky.

“Who’s ready to meet Victoria?” Dietzen tweeted. The 28th of February.”

During this episode, titled “Helpers,” Victoria (Elle Graper) is likely to experience a great deal of anxiety. That’s because her father is in grave danger.

First, here is the CBS episode summary for NCIS: “While investigating the d3ath of an intruder at Quantico, Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) and Kasie (Diona Reasonover) are exposed to a lethal biotoxin, and the NCIS team seeks the assistance of Doctor Carol Wilson (Meredith Eaton) as they race to find an antidote.” Torres also tries to divert Jimmy’s daughter, who has come to the office to spend the day with her father.”

Dietzen collaborated on the episode, which was his first for NCIS. It’s also his first writing project since 2012. According to the IMDB database, this is the case. This episode of NCIS was shot the week after Thanksgiving.

The plot summary indicates that this is a Jimmy-friendly episode. Jimmy’s wife, Breena, is also on the episode’s cast list. We’re not sure how NCIS will handle this now that Breena is no longer alive. Breena hasn’t appeared in an NCIS episode since 2015, when she gave birth to Victoria, so it’s most likely in flashbacks.

Another interesting aspect of this episode is the appearance of fan favorite Carol Wilson (portrayed by Meredith Eaton). This will be her fourth episode of NCIS, but her first since 2013. For fans, it’s a chance to re-connect with Abby, albeit in a limited way. Carol is an old college friend of Abby’s. Carol is now employed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And if she’s on the scene, it’s probably because of some terrifying v1rus or a variety of toxins.

This season, NCIS has featured the families of other agents. McGee’s wife, Delilah, and mother-in-law, Judy, appeared in the episode “Docked.” It was also a fun episode because Judy was played by Patricia Richardson, the star of Home Improvement.

And, of course, memories of Gibbs’ family played a significant role in the opening four-episode arc when NCIS said goodbye to Mark Harmon last September/October.

We’re curious if this NCIS episode will have any repercussions from last month’s Fight or Flight. That episode was heavily focused on Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), who was withdrawing from the rest of the team. Finally, Jimmy spoke with Torres to find out what was going on. Jimmy also discussed the anguish he felt after his wife d1ed.

“You have to open yourself up again if you ever want to heal,” he told Torres.

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