Season 14 of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Provides the First Look at Kensi and Deeks

NCIS: Los Angeles fans, it’s almost time for the show to return for Season 14, and CBS has released a new photo. That’s correct. We’re highlighting Kensi Blye and Maerty Deeks in the photo that goes along with this story. They are one of the most popular couples on television, and they have a very entertaining show.

Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen portray the two characters admirably. Last season, their characters’ lives were finally blessed with something they had long desired: a child. Rosa is expected to play a role in the show’s storylines in Season 14 and beyond. But what exactly does this photograph mean? We are looking for meaning as well. It’s always a good thing to see Kensi and Deeks together. When you see them in scenes, you get a sense of calm and certainty. It keeps the plot moving in the right direction.

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ Storyline Could Be Inspired By Hetty

While reading the show’s first episode synopsis, we don’t see any specifics about Kensi and Deeks. However, the title of this episode is Game of Drones. The synopsis for the show has been released by CBS. “The NCIS team searches for a suspect and their motive following the bombing of a large facility where military combat drones are assembled,” it says. Also, Callen and Kilbride receive disturbing news about a body discovered in Syria.” This episode will air on Sunday, October 9, at 10 p.m. Eastern/9 p.m. Central.

Syria? That’s a little concerning. We do know that Hetty Lange has been on assignment there, according to one of the season-long storylines. People are hoping to see Linda Hunt, who plays Hetty, return for more episodes this season. Could this be one way to reintroduce her to the show? If Callen, played by Chris O’Donnell, and Kilbride, played by Gerald McRaney, consider going over there, the plot of Hetty advances. Right now, the team is trying to learn more about the bombing in that episode.

Of course, any chance to see Hunt return to the screen will undoubtedly delight NCIS: Los Angeles fans. Hunt is no spring chicken, but she is one of the show’s most popular characters. There have been times when she hasn’t appeared on screen much. In fact, the cast of the show would travel to her home in the Los Angeles area to film scenes for the show. This was especially true during the C0V1D 19 pand3mic. At the time, she needed to take health precautions. Can she now return to the set of the show? We certainly hope so.

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