Season 12 of NCIS: Los Angeles: Hetty is ‘secretly’ working with Anna after her mysterious absence

In the most recent episode of NCIS LA, G Callen was dealt a crushing blow when his plans to propose to his other half Anna Kolcheck were put on hold after she mysteriously went missing.

For the majority of NCIS: Los Angeles season 12 thus far, Callen’s (Chris O’Donnell) and Anna’s (Bar Paly) romance appeared to be blossoming, with the two seemingly ready to take their relationship to the next level. Callen was ready to pop the question to his other half, even seeking the approval of her father and his close friend Arkady (Vyto Ruginis), but he didn’t get the chance when he discovered Anna had vanished, lying to him about her whereabouts. But could Hetty Lange (Linda Hunt) be to blame for Anna’s disappearance?

The revelation and spanner in the works for Callen and Anna’s relationship came in the closing moments of episode nine, titled A Fait Accompli.

Under the impression that his girlfriend was doing humanitarian work and assisting a town devastated by wildfires, Callen went to where Anna was supposed to be staying to propose.

However, he was perplexed and fearful when the motel where Anna was supposed to be staying informed the agent that she was nowhere to be found and hadn’t stayed there.

The clerk on duty informed Callen that “nobody” had arrived to assist with the repairs, stating flatly, “I don’t know who’s been lying to you, man.”

So where is Anna and why would she lie to Callen about her whereabouts?

Some fans believe the truth lies with Hetty, another NCIS: LA regular whose whereabouts have remained a mystery throughout the series.

Hetty appears to be in some sort of war zone on a dangerous and highly-secretive mission, only appearing on-screen in the team’s HQ via video link.

In season 12, she was able to deliver some good news, assisting Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) in obtaining a full-time position with the OSP.

But Hetty’s mission clearly needs an expert team around her and seems to be of a highly sensitive nature.

Given Anna’s background and expertise, NCIS: LA fans speculated that Hetty had enticed Anna to take the job – but had forced her to keep quiet to Callen.

Following the heartbreaking Callen scenes, one fan speculated on Twitter: “Poor Callen! [sad emoji] I hope Anna is with Hetty, because she has some explaining to do!!!!”

A second agreed Hetty could be involved, adding: “#NCISLA I’m really waiting for Hetty doing some good things for Callen and Anna.”

In response to a tweet from the NCIS: LA Twitter account that teased a plot thickening, another expressed a desire to see Anna and Hetty’s stories intersect: “If it involves G, Anna, Arkady, Sam, and Hetty, I’m a happy camper.”

Sadly, fans will have to wait until mid-February for answers as NCIS: LA won’t be airing for the next few weeks.

Several other theories have emerged to suggest where Anna truly is alongside the Hetty predictions.

Some viewers believe Anna will be involved with her former cellmate Katya (Eve Harlow), a feud and storyline that will be revisited in season 12.

“It appears that Anna was not volunteering to help rebuild the town!” “She lied to Callen,” said another fan on social media. “But where is she?” And what does this have to do with Katya?”

Another person suspected Katya of being involved in the kidnapping of Sam’s (LL Cool J) daughter Kam (Kayla Smith), resulting in Anna being used as collateral damage.

“Argento despises Sam, so what better way to retaliate? Argento is thinking, “Get him where it hurts, is what Argento is thinking,” one fan hinted, referring to Kam’s kidnapping.

“And in a twist, both Katya & Volkov could be alive, & could kidnap Anna for their twisted revenge on Callen.”

Fans will have to wait until the next episode to see if any light is shed on Anna’s disappearance.

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