Sean Murray’s vs. Mark Harmon’s Screen Time in ‘NCIS’ Has Caused Surprise Among Fans

It has been officially stated that Sean Murray has surpassed Mark Harmon in billing on NCIS.

The franchise OG has been on air since 2003, and it is noteworthy that two of its original stars, Murray and Ducky’s David McCallum, are still part of the show. However, it is with regret that we note the departure of top billed star Mark Harmon, who started in episode one and gracefully ended his tenure in 2021.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that Harmon received credit for the entire Season 19 of NCIS, resulting in an inaccurate count of his total episodes.

According to IMDB, he has appeared in 435 episodes, including the season he was absent.

As per a Reddit thread, it has been noted that Murray has now exceeded the popular star in terms of episodes, which may come as a surprise to fans as Harmon was the leader of the show.

Murray has a total of 438 episodes under his belt, placing him in second place, with McCallum’s count also being inaccurate.

Last month, a user named MonkGlonk1 kindly posted that Sean Murray (McGee) has been credited in more episodes than Mark Harmon (Gibbs) as of the most recent episode.

The user also noted that Murray has only been surpassed by David McCallum (Ducky).

The user kindly brought to our attention that McCallum has been receiving credits for episodes he hasn’t been a part of, although he is technically still a member of the cast, he has not played his role in quite some time.

Therefore, if we disregard the technicalities, Murray can be considered the official winner in terms of NCIS appearances.

“I don’t know everything like Sean, but I know big props from me to him,” the user added. Considering I was about 25 when I started and I’m 45 now, it makes sense!”

Fans of ‘NCIS’ are expressing admiration for Sean Murray.

The poster presumed that not everyone may be fond of the actor or character, however, the comments conveyed a contrasting view. It appears that a majority of individuals admire his performance and would like him to remain in the story.

“There are people who don’t like McGee 0_0?” asked administrativeone13.

Hannahsflora expressed admiration, stating that the individual in question has become an invaluable asset to the show due to their consistent hard work. Additionally, they have managed to remain neutral during any conflicts between other cast members, contributing to the longevity of their character on the show.

Numerous individuals also commended Sean Murray for his humbleness and willingness to let others shine. Additionally, they observed that he appears to be motivated by his love for the job rather than a desire for publicity, fame, or social media attention.

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