Sean Murray Reveals Moment He Met ‘MENTOR’ Mark Harmon 10 Years Before ‘NCIS’


Long before they became iconic partners on NCIS, Sean Murray crossed paths with his future mentor, Mark Harmon.

Over a decade ago, Murray, then a young actor, co-starred with Harmon in an episode of ‘Harts of the West.’

Reflecting on their early connection, Murray shared, ‘Harmon made a big impression on me. He’s been kind of a mentor to me, whether he realizes it or not.’

With Harmon’s departure from NCIS, their collaboration has new significance. Despite his departure, Harmon is still active in the NCIS universe as a narrator and executive producer of the planned prequel, ‘NCIS: Origins.’

While the hunt for the young Gibbs continues, fans eagerly anticipate the untold stories that will unfold in this exciting new chapter.

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