Sean Harmon NCIS: How is Young Gibbs star related to Mark Harmon?

SEAN HARMON will be appearing on NCIS soon. But how is he related to Mark Harmon?

NCIS season 18 is now airing weekly on CBS for fans of the show to enjoy and recently released a special 400th-anniversary episode on November 24. In the outing, fans were given the opportunity to learn how Leroy Gibbs (played by Mark Harmon) and Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard (David McCallum) first met with a number of flashback scenes starring their younger counterparts Sean Harmon and Adam Campbell. However, fans might not know Sean is actually related to Gibbs star Mark Harmon – has all you need to know.

How is Sean Harmon related to Mark Harmon?

Fans of NCIS have been looking forward to the special anniversary episode of the show ever since it was postponed from season 17.

Now it will finally be airing as part of the eighteenth series and will be entitled Everything Starts Somewhere.

The landmark episode will tell the story of how Gibbs first met Ducky.

This will involve flashbacks to these moments, meaning fans will be able to see younger actors take on the roles once again as well.

In particular, this means Sean Harmon will be back again as Young Gibbs.

So far on the series, he has played the role in six episodes.

The last time he was seen on screen as the character was back in 2012 in the season nine episode Life Before His Eyes.

When he appears once again many will be able to see the resemblance between the actor and leading star Mark Harmon.

This is because Sean is actually Harmon’s son with his wife Pam Dawber.

Born in 1988, he is the oldest of the actor’s two sons.

Sean is an actor in his own right and has starred in several recognisable television shows.

This includes roles in Laren, CSI: NY, Major Cr1mes, Haven: Origins and The Ultimate Evil.

He also played Charlie Connor in a 2015 episode of NCIS: Los Angeles as well.

Viewers will next see him as Jones in the television film Thicker, which is due out in 2021.

Harmon recently opened up about what it is like to have his son on the show with him.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight about Sean reprising the role, Harmon revealed how proud he was.

He said: “I always think back to the first time they talked about doing a young Gibbs thing here, and Sean was just out of school at that point.

“A director named Tony Wharmby said, ‘Can he come in and read?’

“And on his own he did and I’m proud of him taking his work seriously and how he approaches being an actor.

“Not just on this show, [but] just what he has chosen to try to do in his life’s work.

“I’m proud of both our boys, and they work hard at what they do and I’m proud that they get up in the morning and try to do that every day.”

He also revealed to the publication how his wife Pam Dawber is also excited for Sean.

Harmon added: “More than anything, she’s a mom, and there’s a pride there involved in that.”

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