Rocky Carroll of NCIS says there is “Always A Chance” Tony and Ziva could return


Fans of the hit police procedural show NCIS may see Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo return in the future.

This weekend marks the 450th episode of the hit CBS series NCIS, which has kept fans entertained for nearly two decades. The plot appears to be never-ending, with star Rocky Carroll revealing that “anything is possible” with the possible return of Ziva David and Anthony “Tony” DiNozzo.

The NCIS veteran took part in a Q&A with TV Insider at the beginning of the year, speaking about the show’s huge milestone while also discussing its future.

When asked if anyone would be returning in future episodes, the star teased fans by saying “there’s always a chance” Tony and Ziva would return.

“I figure there’s always a chance,” Carroll explained. There’s Tony, Ziva, and so many other people who have come through and had such an impact on this show that I think audiences would love even if they weren’t back as regulars.”

Despite fans’ belief that Zina (Cote de Pablo) was d3ad, Carroll believes that “anything is possible” when it comes to bringing the beloved character back.

He went on to say: “Soap operas, on the other hand, k1ll and resurrect people.

“But on our show, they could be gone for a while and their whereabouts unknown, as was the case with Ziva.”

Weatherly and de Pablo were last seen together on the hit show during the season 13 finale.

Special Agent DiNozzo was last seen after learning Ziva had been k1lled in an att4ck, leaving behind a daughter, Tali (Emelia and Layla Golfieri).

Tony fled to Paris with Ziva’s daughter as a result of the discovery, and fans haven’t seen him since.

A fan theory suggested Ziva was still alive shortly after Tony’s departure, and it was later confirmed when she returned alone in season 17 of the show after being on the run.


Carroll isn’t the only one who has hinted that there may be more in store for the couple, as Weatherly himself has dropped a major hint that he may be making a comeback.

When he hinted that they might be in for a treat, he sent fans into a frenzy.

Weatherly teased two fan-favorite characters may be reunited soon as part of a “interesting year” ahead in a New Year’s message to his followers.

Weatherly then responded to a fan’s (@dlrthart) Tweet, saying, “We’d all rather see you and Ziva reuniting and enjoying that moment.”

“Stay tuned… for this could be an interesting year for such’moments,'” the star replied.

The response enraged fans, with many expressing their eagerness to see the pair reunite.

Unfortunately, there have been no official updates from CBS on the “Tiva” relationship, so fans will have to wait and see if the pair does indeed return.

Meanwhile, fans can look forward to Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ epic return to the investigative series in the future, which Carroll also hinted at.

Mark Harmon left the show after the 19th season, but he remained in the opening credits for a while.

The show’s creators stated that he would always be welcomed back because he is a part of the NCIS family.

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