The Right Way for DiNozzo’s Return to NCIS

Weatherly’s character has several potential narratives left.

DiNozzo says he’s only passing through and has no plans to recover his old job. Unfortunately, he doesn’t say much about what he’s been up to; he doesn’t mention his daughter or Ziva. NCIS only shows him with Palmer and McGee, but he’s likely been introduced to the rest of the active crew, including Parker. He may have been caught up with Vance. Given this, it is not impossible that he will be hired to assist the squad if their demands require his ability.

Meanwhile, if he continues to work in a similar profession, one of his future missions may need him to seek NCIS assistance. Parker, a long-time member of the squad with personal ties to Vance, McGee, and Palmer, will undoubtedly be eager to help him if he finds himself in a difficult situation. Beyond that, NCIS can simply give DiNozzo and Ziva the happy ending they deserve onscreen. It may even be sufficient grounds for Gibbs to leave Alaska and return to the DMV.

NCIS’ Ducky Tribute episode demonstrates that the show is discriminating when it comes to reintroducing past characters. This suggests that if DiNozzo returns to the show, there will be a narrative reason for his appearance. Fortunately, there are plenty of stories to tell with the character in the center.

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