Renee Felice Smith, Alum of ‘NCIS: Los Angeles,’ Shares Breathtaking Sunset Views

Renee Felice Smith, an NCIS: Los Angeles alum, shares a sunset view with her Instagram followers. The image entices us to go see it for ourselves.

It’s always enjoyable to drive around with no destination in mind. Whether you’re on the East or West coasts, or in the Midwest, the sunset will be spectacular. In fact, the sunset signals the end of a successful day. Renee Smith did exactly that when she shared this post. The hit show’s alum is sharing a breathtaking sunset view.

“Doesn’t translate,” she wrote a few hours ago in the caption.

The scenery appears to be serene. She appears to be driving down a side road with a front-row seat to the best sunset in town.

This masterpiece has inspired many NCIS: Los Angeles fans.

“I admire you and Chris’ patience for making that long drive so many times,” one fan writes on her Facebook page. “I did it a couple of times a long time ago. I’m not sure I’d do it again unless I had a large motor home. “Happy New Year, everyone.”

“Sunset with purple haze,” another commenter adds to her post. She also employs a purple heart and two clapping emojis. Overall, there’s nothing better than watching a beautiful sunset.

NCIS: Los Angeles Ending Rumors

NCIS: Los Angeles has been on the air for nearly two decades, as you are all aware. In addition, a recent Instagram post has fans concerned about the show’s future. What could have gone wrong?

Eric Christian Olsen, the show’s main actor, recently hinted that the show might be coming to an end. At least, that’s what his Instagram posts seem to imply.

There isn’t a big hint that the show is coming to an end, but one of the hashtags will give you a hint.

“We’re about to re-enter the fray. #ncisla #whysoserious #Kensidown #thefinalseason #letsgo #newepisode #sunday #cbs #jk #butyouneverknow #macguyver #hawaii50 #ncisnola #celebratewhatwehave #enjoythejourney.”

As you scroll through the comments, you will notice that fans are dissatisfied. They do not want this season to be the last. Hopefully, it’s just Eric being Eric, which means he’s playing a joke on us.

One fan mentioned Betty White’s recent d3ath in his comment.

“Dude, #finalseason?” You can’t be messing with my emotions like that after Betty White d1ed.”

As you can see, fans aren’t ready to say goodbye to NCIS: Los Angeles just yet. And it appears that the cast is also not quite ready.

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