Pauley Perrette’s Heartbreaking Tribute After A Daring Social Media Move


Pauley Perette has a sizable social media following, particularly as fans seek to keep up with her after her departure from NCIS in 2018.

The actress recently increased her online presence by launching an Instagram account, and ahead of the holidays, she left fans in tears with a heartfelt tribute.

On her birthday, she shared photos of herself as a baby and a young girl with her late mother Donna Bell, reminiscing about their life together.

Her mother had died 20 years before, and she took the time to relive their precious memories while also sending a heartbreaking message.

Pauley stated: “My mother’s birthday would have been today. She died 20 years ago. I wish I could have known her now that I’m older and less of a jerk.

“I’ve got a lot to say to her and apologize for when I see her in Heaven! And I was a wonderful child! But I can always find something for which to apologize.

Pauley reminisced about her late mother.

“I’m blessed that mom and dad come to visit me in my dreams frequently. Last night we had SO MUCH FUN in a speed boat. Love you mom. #HappyBirthday #Mom.”

“Rest in peace all my condolences to your mother, of course I never met her but she seemed nice,” one of her fans wrote.

“Happy Heavenly Birthday to your beautiful and wonderful Mum, and you’re beautiful like her,” said another.

Due to a lot of misguided content, the former CBS star recently announced that she would be leaving her usual online home, Twitter, in favor of Instagram.

The actress recently switched from Twitter to Instagram.

She stated: “There’s some strange twit going on here… SO……… After all this time, I’ve finally joined @instagram. On Instagram, my handle is @thepauleyp. All other accounts claiming to be mine, either there or here, are bogus.”

And, of course, she began her Instagram presence with a signature selfie of herself showing off her multicolored locks while wearing a rainbow top.

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